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R2R Dirty Girls(Co-Ed) SOUTH

Friday May 26th, 2023

North Carolina Center for Automotive Research, NCCAR Inc.

Garysburg, NC


°Friday May 26 is the R2R CoEd Dirt Bike class (rental bikes available) Available to men & women

All day class from 9am to 4pm.

Your instructors are avid motorcyclists who ride and instruct various disciplines of the sport and have taken our passion for teaching, especially women, to the dirty side!

Riding in the dirt helps your motorcycle skills across the board! Helping you become a better and safer rider on the track, street or during your next cross country adventure. You will be taught techniques like balance, body positioning and do drills to help you become in more of control of your motorcycle.

Cost: $225 if you have your own dirtbike, $400 if you rent one of ours.
Class space is limited to 15 and bike rentals will go fast!



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