August 11th, 2022

NYST Safety Track

Jefferson, NY


All Women's track day (with couples group)

This event is not affiliated with any particular club. Coaches from N2, Evolve, STT and TPM have all volunteered their time to come help the ladies have a great and informative day, in a fun and less intimidating atmosphere! We have all come together to keep my vision alive and help grow the women in motorsports community! #everygirldeservesherday


Drum roll please........

All womens TRACKDAY!!
3 groups, 20 min sessions each.

Ladies NOVICE, Ladies ADVANCED, and COUPLES (this is where a girl can ride w her bf/husband in the same class)

Awesome Coaches will be available to help you on and off the track! Beginners school(D.O.T class) is included and available for first timers (mandatory if this will be your first trackday) or if you just want a refresher.

Email: ruts.to.racelines@gmail.com

°What to expect:
Sign in & tech begins at 645am. Riders meeting at 800am. Track goes hot at 9am. We will ride all day in rotations until 5pm, with a 1 hr lunch break at noon. (Bring your lunch)

°What your street bike needs to ride it on the track:
Good tread left on tires. At least 50%of brake life left, NO leaks of any kind, tape up any glass & mirrors ( you can also remove mirrors instead). Put tape over headlights, taillights, turn signals and brake light.
Last name and shift pattern on tank(decal or written on blue painters tape)

If you are not a current AMA member, you can purchase a day membership for the event for additional $20. Full year and full benefits AMA membership is $49.
** if you are gonna ride with R2R on other dates, go onto the AMA website and get the yearly membership for $49 and enjoy all the benefits & discounts AMA membership offers....including ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE!

***Please use this link if you are renewing or purchasing a new AMA membership:

REGISTRATION IS $200 for non AMA members($180 for trackday + $20 AMA day membership) If you have a current AMA membership, registration is $180!!

●Gear & BIKE rental:
Available through NYST
First come, first serve & prepaid.
RESERVE EARLY. GEAR GOES FAST!! Please contact NYST DIRECTLY for gear or bike rentals


°only taking the following amount of registration for each group:
-11 couples

-25 novice

-25 advanced (R2R advanced group is most orgs intermediate group with some advanced ladies mixed in)

I want to keep the events intimate so the track isn't crowded and the coaches have an opportunity to give everyone proper attention!



For questions or to register: ruts.to.racelines@gmail.com

°Please put "All womens moto" in subject of the email.

This is a private track day event.
We ride rain or shine. Sorry-no refunds.


>>PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS EVENT! If you can't make it, maybe one of your friends friends can!

Email: ruts.to.racelines@gmail.com

Check out the website!


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