I even had a great time being a track day groupie hanging out at the track on Saturday afternoon between classes. (I did not participate in the track day, two days in the dirt left me plenty worn out). The weather did not cooperate, but the track was still full of all these amazing women out there absolutely killing it riding in the rain (or “liquid sunshine” as they try to frame it).

Marika Pamart (MK), founder of Ruts to Racelines, is the reason these events happen. She was inspired to start her track day events to make a friendlier environment for women starting out. Your first track day can be pretty intimidating, and she’s created an event that helps other women in the way a good female friend helped her to get started. MK’s track days/moto events have evolved into an incredible moto extravaganza that’s fun for everyone. She says the dirt class was inspired after her skill plateaued on track. Her coaches told her she would only improve by riding a dirt bike. After trying it, she became a believer, and I think she’s 100% correct. I think everyone should learn to ride on a small dirt bike, no matter type of motorcycling you want to do. I wish I had started on a small dirt bike as a kid. Marika’s husband Greg teaches the dirt classes, and he has the perfect temperament for coaching. His enthusiasm for teaching anyone who wants to learn, no matter their skill level, is refreshing. Not only did I learn a lot, but had a great time doing it.

Two thumbs up for this class, I won’t be surprised if I sign up for this one again.


Marika Krejci Pamart


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