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Marika's Story

Being an avid street rider for years, I was riding into the the wee hours of the morning, just to nap, go to work and do it again the next day. But soon enough, that just wasn't enough and I needed another fix.   I wasn't sure what that meant until my dear friend Natasha Louis told me about track days. I was VERY hesitant! Wasn't the track for racing and guys that just wanted to go fast?  I wasn't fast. or a guy, but Natasha insisted. (actually, she was a pain in my butt until I finally said "OK, mostly to shut her up! LOL) So in October 2011, I signed up for my first track day with Natasha by my side!  She answered my newbie questions and helped me get to the track.  Once I was there, WOW, what a very intimidating experience. Everyone seemed like they had been doing it all their lives. They knew the step by step progress.  From registration, to tech, to the riding rotations. They even knew where the bathroom was,  which was incredibly important because those first day jitters made me feel like I was gonna puke!  Natasha was there for me, every step of the way, and even had her favorite coach  "look after me".  I was so fortunate to have her there for my first track day and for the mental prep before.

I realized from my own first time experience on the track that it was very intimidating and that not every one has a Natasha by their side to get them started. I understood how hard it was to feel comfortable and I wanted to provide what Natasha had provided for me for other women who wanted to try the track. I wanted to build an atmosphere that was less intimidating for women, in a safer environment, where they can build their confidence and skill.

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I had a vision...In 2013, I approached Team Promotion(TPM) with a vision of dedicated track days for women. They agreed to help bring my vision to life and TPM Track Day Girl was born.  Since that first track day, it has been my passion to provide a  less intimidating atmosphere for women who want to ride on the track.  My goal is to provide them with a safe environment  to build their confidence and skill, while becoming better, more aware and safer riders. Word got out and the program exploded as women joined track days. TPM and I even started an All Women's club race series called GP MOTO GIRL cup. It ran in 2014 & 2015!


In April 2018, TPM decided to no longer continue the program and I was forced to make a decision:  let my vision and passion fade away or try it on my own. I had to try! Women loved the environment and dozens of women would have never ridden the track if it wasn't for my program.

So Track Day Girl ends and Ruts to Racelines begins!

You may be asking yourself...what do RUTS have to do with track days?  Well, as I started making my way through the different skill levels of track days, I hit a plateau.   Several coaches told me that if I wanted to get better and faster, GET A DIRT BIKE!  Yup, a dirt bike. They told me that getting comfortable on a dirt bike will transition you into being more comfortable and RELAXED on the track bike! (well, any bike...even street riding).  Being okay with the dirt bike moving and sliding all under me helped me get more confident on the track. I learned not to panic and be smooth with my controls.  Most of all, it helped me become a more aware rider on the track and on the street!   

Ruts to Racelines is about everything I've learned from coaches, and experience over time.  It's about being an advocate for getting more women riding motorcycles! Whether riding on the track or in the dirt, it's about  becoming better and safer riders.  Building confidence, no matter what type of riding fuels their Moto Fire...street, track, racing, ADV, dual sport, dirt....


Why learn with other women? Because its FUN, less BS and we enjoy learning and sharing stories with other women! The camaraderie and support is AMAZING


Natasha is no longer with us, but her memory lives on in every Ruts to Racelines All Women's Moto Extravaganza!  She fueled my fire to provide for other women what she provided for me!

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I'm always available to answer any of your questions and provide the best atmosphere to learn & build your skill :)

~Marika "MK" Krejci.

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Natasha Louis
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