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Mallory Small

Marika, it's been a pleasure once again! I love what you're doing! I very much appreciated the technical instruction during the dirty girls day and the track day was a great success (even WITH the rain!). Keep doing what you're doing and I (along with my friends) will see you in August!! 


John Farrell-N2 director

What a great event. Watching the numbers grow at each event Marika Krejci Pamart has is awesome. Very few people can appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes in to putting together such an amazing event like this. The weather is always a wildcard when it comes to riding motorcycles but nobody let that get in the way of having a great time. All the coaches kicked ass!!! It doesn't matter what organization we normally ride with, the group of coaches Marika hand picks are all amazing coaches and communicators. No other event can give you the same top notch instruction like the RTR Experience.

Also, congratulations to the 8 women who participated in the Race School Saturday. Can't wait to see you at a racing event soon. I'm thinking a RTR Endurance team should be created........

Looking forward to the next event and seeing Marika's vision grow like nothing else in the industry.


Bree Manchanda

I participated in the recent All Womens Moto Event in April at NCBIKE and I HAD A BLAST! OH! This had to be one of the best track events I attended. I rode every session - the entire session! Having an event that allows Women to ride in the comfort of their own paces and with their own peers is huge. This is the type of event that women who want to ride their motorcycles and not compete to be a part of a "race team" can participate in and feel welcomed and accepted. The selection of coaching was fantastic. The track was awesome. NCBIKE has great flow and is just good fantastic fun. I'm looking forward to attending future events with this group. Thank you for a wonderful experience.


Shannon Houser

Ruts to Racelines the perfect venue to build skill, confidence, and to meet other ladies on the track. I’ve done two R2R track events, the first being my third track day. The coaches really homed in to refine my skills and with two track seasons I can say that my experience with R2R solidified my desire to continue. I look forward to each R2R event and I look forward to seeing more new lady riders join and progress in this sport. Thank you Marika for giving us this much needed venue.


Heather Weisbrot

I wanna start by sending the biggest thank you to Marika Krejci Pamart. Girl you crushed it!!! I'm beyond words with how impressed I was with today's girls track event. No one will understand the sisterhood we all share, but to see us all with huge smiles all day long will always go beyond any need to say a thing. All I can say is thank you and love you for such a great day!! (9/1/18)


Michelle Lavenia

My first track day experience began on April 19, 2013 during a Track Day Girl event.  My husband had been riding track days for several years and kept trying to convince me that it would really benefit my street bike riding.  Needless to say, I was intimidated by the speed, environment, and the fact that most of the riders were men.  I didn't feel like I would fit in and didn't want to "be in the way" of more experienced riders.  Luckily, we found Track Day Girl and Marika!  Track Day Girl promised an environment that would give women a chance to learn how to be a more skilled rider.  TDG gave women the opportunity to ride with other women in their own session without the egos that sometimes make you uncomfortable.  That first event gave me the confidence to ride the track and gave me the itch for more!


Over the past few years, I have attended several track day events with different organizations.  Most were just normal track day sessions with mixed groups of riders.  But my most recent track day experience was a 2 day MotoExtravaganza in North Carolina with Ruts to Racelines.  This event was a dedicated women's event that gave women an opportunity to get some great instruction in the dirt at NC bike with Greg Pamart, plus a full day of track riding!   It was awesome to see so many women attend this event.  Everyone was helpful and accommodating.  The coaches were great and really took the time to give feedback and training.  Because the environment was so comfortable, I had no problem when my 14 year old daughter asked to ride the track.  She took the dirt class the day before and has some dirt experience, but had never been on a road course or a street bike.  One of the coaches took her under her wing and brought her to the Novice classroom to learn the rules of the track. She rode a session following a coach and I have never been so proud.  That never would have happened if not for Marika's vision of an all womens's event.  The comfort level and safety that we felt gave us the confidence to let our daughter ride and now she can't wait to go back and do it again!  


After all the track events I have participated in over the years, Marika's events are still the ones that have meant the most.  They are fun, exciting, and help build a new level of confidence that you can't seem to get at other events with mixed groups of riders.  The passion that Marika has for providing women a track day experience is shown in everything she does to make these events a success.


Kayleigh Buyck

New female riders, THIS IS A MUST! When I began riding at the track I was unaware a girl's day was in existence! Two years into riding at the track and I can't thank Marika enough for putting together this day for us ladies. A day for girls who all share the same passion to ride side by side with no intimidation from the boys?! Yes please! The day went so smooth, very organized & full of laughter, fun and of course no red flags! This event is one to recommend to all girls new to the track or not. I cannot wait until next year to ride with all these girls again because I know it will be another great event hosted by MK! Thank you again for all that you do to support not only the girls who ride but the sport as well!


Robert Cichielo


Marika and her team put together a fabulous event, and we'd like to thank you for having us play a part. All I can say is WOW! The ladies killed it both in the dirt and on asphalt, zero red-flags and smiles all around. We are already looking forward to helping at next year's events!

Amy Joe.jpg

Amy Jo

As a new rider, both to dirt and asphalt, Ruts to Racelines welcomed me with open arms and ensured I had a fantastic time the whole time! Prior to, I had only rode a couple times on asphalt, and had no experience with dirt. Honestly I was kind of terrified of it! The instructors made sure that I was comfortable through all the drills, pushing me enough to step out of my comfort zone, learn new things (popcorn!), and have a blast! I will definitely be returning to other Ruts to Racelines events!


Stephanie Pergolese

Words can't begin to describe what an awesome event this was but I'm going to try anyway! I'm sure most people (myself included) have no idea all it takes for organizations to run a track day but we do see all of the people working hard to make it happen. Marika Krejci Pamart putting this together, organizing everything, getting all of the right people and sponsors involved is nothing shy of crazy impressive! She delivered a true track day experience (from tech in, the riders mtg, sessions with their own rules) in a way that made it not intimidating to the new lady rider. There were a lot of first time track riders out there (in the rain!!) and they were kept in the loop, had their own group in the morning, had schedules handed to them in addition to a verbal explanation so they knew how the day would run, had AMAZING coaching from coaches across multiple organizations, the list goes on.. For those of us that were a bit more experienced, we got to have an awesome day with other lady riders and get great feedback from fantastic coaches! I would highly recommend her events for any lady rider looking to get into track days or any lady trackday rider looking to get out there with a bunch of other women that are passionate about our sport!

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