• Bike and Bike KEY

  • Gear: Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Leathers

  • Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Small tool kit(metric)

  • Extra Fuel

  • Pop up Canopy

  • Chair

  • Cooler with light Lunch and snacks

  • Water

  • Water



This is based on bringing a bike that has been properly maintained with all the nuts and bolts checked. We recommend that you have your bike checked by a professional motorcycle technician. This will also keep you from having any issues the morning of the event during our tech inspection.


  • Tape up all lights(headlights, tail lights and turn signals)

  • Tape up mirrors or remove them.

  • Tires must have good tread left with no signs of wear. At least 80% tread. No dry rot or cracking

  • Brake pad wear 50% or better

  • No leaks of any kind. Check all lines, brake reservoirs, bolts for leaks. No engine oil leaks, no fuel leaks, no loose bolts or fittings.

  • Kill switch required.

  • Last name and shift pattern (standard or GP) required on tank. (written on piece of painters tape is fine)

  • Number on the bike is recommended but not required.

Proper Gear

  • Helmet-Quality Full face, non-damaged helmet with eye protection.

  • Full leather suit. One piece suit is preferred, but a two piece suit that zips completely around is acceptable.

  • Gloves-Gauntlet style over the wrist.

  • Boots-Over the ankle.


*Tech inspection & Sign in: 7:00-8:00

*Riders Meeting: 8:15

*Track goes HOT at 9:00, in the following 15 minute GROUP rotations:

Advanced, Couples, Novice, D.O.T until 12:00

*Lunch: 12:00-12:45

*Group photo: 12:45 (please meet in front of the NCCAR brick building-where classroom is, and wear your event tank top)

*Track goes HOT again at 1:00 and we ride until 5:00.

*Raffle winners and Door Prizes will be given out at 5:30. You must be present to receive your goodies!

**After Lunch, we will be going to 3 group rotations(20 min each): Advanced, Couples & Novice. D.O.T group will now be in either their appropriate Couples or Novice group. ** COUPLES RIDERS-after lunch, the new riders from the DOT group will be wearing pennie vests. Please give them EXTRA room and space**


ADVANCED-anywhere.(make smart choices)

NOVICE-no passing from turn in to Apex. If person in front of you initiates a turn, DO NOT PASS THEM until you clear the Apex of the turn.

COUPLES- no passing from turn in to Apex. If person in front of you initiates a turn, DO NOT PASS THEM until you clear the Apex of the turn.

(remember fellas..this day is for the ladies! Please be respectful and BEHAVE)

D.O.T-no passing at all the first 2 sessions, thereafter, same as novice.

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