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Track Day Curriculum includes DOT (discovery of track riding. This is our first timers’ class), Couple’s group (where a woman and her significant other ride together), All Women's NOVICE group and All Women's ADVANCED group.

-Classroom Sessions provided for new or novice riders.

We call this our DOT group (Discovery of Track riding)

-Couples group has always been available.

This provides an opportunity for a woman and her significant other to ride in the same group together. Remember boys, this day is for the women!

So, behave and do your part in making sure they have a great experience.

-All women’s NOVICE and All women’s ADVANCED groups available.


R2R also offers All Women’s Dirt Bike riding classes, called Dirty Girls.

These classes are offered throughout the year and at all the MOTO EXTRAVAGANZA events!

Learning to ride comfortably in the dirt, helps you become a better rider on the track and more aware rider in the streets!

As R2R grows, we have broadened our reach to include Dirt Bike classes, Dual Sport Events and Mini Moto Fun days.

I was always told, "If you want to get better and faster on the track, learn to ride a dirt bike!" and its true!!





  • Bike and Bike KEY

  • Gear: Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Leathers

  • Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Small tool kit(metric)

  • Extra Fuel

  • Pop up Canopy

  • Chair

  • Cooler with light Lunch and snacks

  • Water

  • Water



This is based on bringing a bike that has been properly maintained with all the nuts and bolts checked. We recommend that you have your bike checked by a professional motorcycle technician. This will also keep you from having any issues the morning of the event during our tech inspection.


  • Tape up all lights(headlights, tail lights and turn signals)

  • Tape up mirrors or remove them.

  • Tires must have good tread left with no signs of wear. At least 80% tread. No dry rot or cracking

  • Brake pad wear 50% or better

  • No leaks of any kind. Check all lines, brake reservoirs, bolts for leaks. No engine oil leaks, no fuel leaks, no loose bolts or fittings.

  • Kill switch required.

  • Last name and shift pattern (standard or GP) required on tank. (written on piece of painters tape is fine)

  • Number on the bike is recommended but not required.

Proper Gear

  • Helmet-Quality Full face, non-damaged helmet with eye protection.

  • Full leather suit. One piece suit is preferred, but a two piece suit that zips completely around is acceptable.

  • Gloves-Gauntlet style over the wrist.

  • Boots-Over the ankle.


*Tech inspection & Sign in: 7:00-8:00

*Riders Meeting: 8:15

*Track goes HOT at 9:00, in the following 15 minute GROUP rotations:

Advanced, Couples, Novice, D.O.T until 12:00

*Lunch: 12:00-12:45

*Group photo: 12:45 (please meet in front of the NCCAR brick building-where classroom is, and wear your event tank top)

*Track goes HOT again at 1:00 and we ride until 5:00.

*Raffle winners and Door Prizes will be given out at 5:30. You must be present to receive your goodies!

**After Lunch, we will be going to 3 group rotations(20 min each): Advanced, Couples & Novice. D.O.T group will now be in either their appropriate Couples or Novice group. ** COUPLES RIDERS-after lunch, the new riders from the DOT group will be wearing pennie vests. Please give them EXTRA room and space**


ADVANCED-anywhere.(make smart choices)

NOVICE-no passing from turn in to Apex. If person in front of you initiates a turn, DO NOT PASS THEM until you clear the Apex of the turn.

COUPLES- no passing from turn in to Apex. If person in front of you initiates a turn, DO NOT PASS THEM until you clear the Apex of the turn.

(remember fellas..this day is for the ladies! Please be respectful and BEHAVE)

D.O.T-no passing at all the first 2 sessions, thereafter, same as novice.

QnA about trackdays, trackday myths and what to expect at a R2R event. Also, GearChic covers womens gear and fitment.

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