Dedicated to help women build confidence and skill to become better and safer riders!

For Women by Women

Ruts to Racelines is dedicated to providing a less intimidating and fun atmosphere for women to build their skill and confidence riding dirt bikes and/or riding street bikes on the track.
"See you at the track!"

What we do:

R2R is NOT a track day organization or a club.
Only membership you will ever need to participate in our ALL WOMENS track days (MKs MOTO EXTRAVAGANZA) is a AMA
membership and that is because our events are AMA sanctioned events.
R2R is not a business. We just want to provide women a safe and less intimidating track day to build confidence.
All registration fees go back for paying expenses acquired for the event.
We rely on partners, sponsors and supporters like YOU to make the day possible.
We are club NEUTRAL, which means we have coaches from the local TD orgs come out and volunteer to help, all in the passion of the sport and building the moto track community. Coaches from N2, TPM, EVOLVE & STT have all joined us in the making of our events FUN, informative and SAFE.
-Classroom Sessions provided for new or novice riders.
We call this our DOT group (Discovery of Track riding)
-Couples group has always been available.
This provides an opportunity for a woman and her significant other to ride in the same group together. Remember boys, this day is for the women!
So behave and do your part in making sure they have a great experience.
-All womens NOVICE and All womens ADVANCED groups available.
R2R also offers All Womens Dirt Bike riding classes, called GPMX Dirty Girls.
These classes are offered throughout the year and at all of the MOTO EXTRAVAGANZA events!
Learning to ride comfortably in the dirt, helps you become a better rider on the track and more aware rider in the streets!
I was always told, "if you want to get better and faster on the track, learn to ride a dirt bike!" and its true!! ~Marika

All Women's Track Days provide a less intimidating atmosphere for women to get started riding on the track. Smaller group sizes and more available coaches helps provide the best opportunity to learn!


Marika Krejci Pamart

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